Physical Therapy Helps You Move Better and Safely Manage Pain

Statistics show that that more than 80% of American adults do not get enough physical activity despite the proven benefits, such as a reduced risk of chronic diseases, some cancers, weight control, and improved bone health and even quality of life. The good news is that regular physical activity can help prevent and improve many chronic conditions. Often, people limit their physical activity due to ongoing pain or injury.

Do you suffer from pain or some other barrier to movement and physical activity?

Movement is crucial to your health and quality of life. Barriers to movement and physical activity can be small or large, real or perceived. Pain makes movement a challenge. Whatever barriers may be preventing you from enjoying the many important health benefits of physical activity, physical therapists will partner with you to create a safe and effective program to get you moving. A physical therapist (PT) can help you move better and safely and manage your pain.

Who are physical therapists and what do they do at Everest Physical Rehabilitation Services?

Physical therapists (PTs) are movement experts who improve quality of life through hands-on care, patient education and prescribed movement. Using the latest evidence, physical therapists design physical activity plans for people of all ages and abilities specific to needs, challenges and goals.

Physical therapy assistants (PTAs) work with patients under the direction of a PT and teach and demonstrate exercises that help improve mobility, strength and coordination. To ensure the best possible care, PTs often work with other members of a patient’s health care team. After performing an evaluation, your PT will create a personalized plan of care that can help you:

  • Improve mobility and function
  • Manage pain and chronic conditions
  • Avoid / recover from surgery
  • Reduce the use of pain medications
  • Recover from and prevent future injury and chronic disease
  • Enhance quality of life

When and where can you get physical therapy

Pain management is just one reason to work with a PT. They can also help you prevent future injury or chronic conditions. PTs can specialize in a variety of areas, including geriatrics, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, pediatrics, sports and women’s health. They provide treatments in:

• Hospitals, outpatient clinics or offices

• Inpatient rehabilitation facilities

• Skilled nursing, extended care or subacute facilities

• Schools, education or research centers

• Fitness centers and sports training facilities

• Hospice settings

• Your workplace

• Your home

At Everest Rehabilitation Services in Upper Darby and Chester, we offer Services in Clinic, at Home and via Telehealth. We are putting your safety first by reducing patient volume, following strict COVID-19 safety guidelines for our team members and our patients and pursuing the highest standards of clinical sanitation. To schedule an evaluation, call us at 484-462-7013.