Herniated Disk

herniated disk

A herniated disk occurs when the cushion-like cartilage (the disk) between the bones of the spine is torn, and the gelatin-like core of the disk leaks. Often mistakenly called a slipped disk, a herniated disk can be caused by sudden trauma or by long-term pressure on the spine.

This condition most often affects people aged 30 to 50 years; men are twice as likely to be diagnosed as women. Repeated lifting, participating in weight-bearing sports, obesity, smoking and poor posture are all risk factors for a herniated disk.

Most herniated disks do not require surgery and respond best to physical therapy. Your physical therapist will work with you to design a specific treatment program that will speed your recovery, including exercises and treatments that you can do at home. They design personalized treatment programs to help people with herniated disks regain normal movement, reduce pain and get back to their regular activities.

Physical therapy at Everest Rehabilitation Services will help you return to your normal lifestyle and activities. The time it takes to heal the condition varies, but results can be achieved in 2 to 8 weeks or less, when a proper posture, pain-reduction, stretching and strengthening program is implemented.

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